Tuesday, 27 January 2009


I'll have a proper update soon, I promise. Teaching started back a week earlier than I thought, but I have the bones of something I want to talk about swimming round my head somewhere, the skeleton's trying to form, but it doesn't know its arse from its elbow. Non-coincidently, its broadly about just how much time creating comics takes up for me.

As soon as I get a few free minutes (Ha!) I'll sort it out and write it up, but for now you can read this interview with me over at Insomnia Publication's Blog

Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Year, New Blogger...

My New Years resolutions this year was to get my website up and running again (the previous version was filled with some old dodgy artwork) and to start up one of these blog things to give me and my artwork a little presence out there on the Web.

Well this blog thing was easy enough to set up so I thought I'd begin with that.

I suppose I should start with letting you know what I’m working on. For the majority of last year I’ve been pencilling and inking ‘Cancertown: an Inconvenient Tooth’ an original graphic novel from Insomnia Publications. The story came from the twisted mind of Cy Dethan, colours by Mel Cook, and Nic Wilkinson is handling the lettering. All these guys excel in their respective fields and I’m really looking forward to seeing the final product in print (pssst! you can pre-order from Amazon here complete with an awesome cover by Paul Cartwright).

This week I’m working on layouts for Chapter 6 of Cancertown and hopefully will get a few pages penciled. I also have two pages for the Irish kids Anthology” Ri-Ra” to work on. I’m doing the full two pages by myself (lineart, colours and letters) over an Irish poem by a friend of mine Finnbar Christy, so I’m thankful I have a week and a half until my teaching jobs resume (My alter ego is a mild mannered Irish music tutor) and I’ll be stuck to the drawing desk for the next wee while.

After Cancertown I’m working with Cy and Nic again on Slaughterman’s Creed for Markosia. I’ll be doing the colours myself for that one so If I run out of faux pas to talk about I’m sure that’ll present a whole boatload of new ones.

I’ll leave the introduction at that today and I’ll start with the learning curve next post...

If there is anyone out there, I wish you a very happy start to the new year :)