Friday, 31 August 2012

Noe: The Savage Boy

My latest project, Noe: The Savage Boy, has just been announced from Atomic Diner:

My Cover for Noe: The Savage Boy #1

Our latest title Noe The Savage Boy created and plotted by Robert Curley with Script by Mal Coney and art by Stephen Downey is due for release this September. Noe's story begins in the village of Baltimore Cork in 1631 in which the entire community is kidnaped by Barbary pirates and brought to Africa as slaves. Noes faith lies in the hands a group of clandestine monks who help train him to become a true warrior and overcome his dark faith

This is Mal's first work for Atomic Diner but he has written some high profile books in the past. You can read all about him here

Mal is an old friend and collaborator whose past work includes stories for Harris Comics' Vampirella and Top Cow/Image Comics' The Darkness. We first collaborated on a four page story for a local anthology 'Small Axe Comics' back in the days when he was my manager at Talisman (now Forbidden Planet Belfast), so it is nice to finally work together again.

The concept and script is fantastic and I'm having a ball. More soon I'm sure.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Bounce! Arts Festival

As part of the Bounce Festival, my Absence co-conspirator Andy Luke and I will be holding a free comicbook/cartooning workshop this Saturday, 25th August, 1-4pm at the Arts and Disability Forum Gallery, Belfast. 

The Bounce Festival is Northern Ireland’s first ever disability and deaf arts festival, and aims to create and showcase new art from disabled and deaf people. The event is a follow up to our successful ADF comicbook workshop earlier in the year. 

No experience with comics or art is necessary, and we aim to get people with all levels of abilities contributing creatively, whether it be good ideas, artwork, script writing. If you feel like attending, try to prebook a spot via the Facebook page, and let them know of any special requirements, BSL etc.

See you there.

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