Thursday, 1 March 2012

Troll of Tower Bridge #CreatorOwnedDay

The Troll of Tower Bridge.

"Ever wanted your own troll? The Troll Workshop provides businesses with customised, enhanced Troll Bodyguards (TM) to any group or organisation. A one-time fee buys the best guard dog on the market, under your complete control. And the best thing about Troll Bodyguards (TM); They're guaranteed for 10 years. How's that for a low turnover?"

When the illegal mad science factory, Troll Workshop, was found, shut down and destroyed by a UK government task force, all active Trolls were ordered to be destroyed. Fresh off the operating table, one Troll managed to escape, and with only fragmented memories of his human life, took up residence under Tower Bridge. Spoken of in whispered rumours, he has become known as "The Troll of Tower Bridge".

What will happen when the Troll Workshop financiers feel the need to tidy up loose ends, the organisation that bought him realise their product is still out there, or the government realise there's a Troll on the loose?

Well I don't know really, I only thought this up last night and drew it this morning  for Creator Owned Day. Lots of new characters and art on the Twitter hashtag #CreatorOwnedDay. Still time to join in.

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