Thursday, 17 May 2012

Kapow Comic Con

I'll be attending Kapow Comic Con this coming weekend, sharing a table with the extremely talented Dave Stokes. We're at table number 205 in Artist's Alley, and I've ordered myself a new banner stand so I'm easy to find. Here's what to look out for:

I've also been taking pre-orders for sketches. Inked sketches will most likely be £15 on the day, but I'm taking a final few pre-orders for £10. Send me a tweet or email before Saturday to get on the list. 

I'll have a limited supply of comics with me: Jennifer Wilde #1 and #2, and providing my copies arrive tomorrow, Black Scorpion #1 (I'll only have 15 regular covers and 5 variants).  I'll also have a few copies  of Cancertown and Slaughterman's Creed graphic novels. If you'd like to pre-order any of these I can hold them aside for you at the convention price (£3.50 for regular comics, £10 for graphic novels).

I believe Dave is also taking sketch pre-orders, so send him a tweet to get on the list. 

See you at the weekend!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Strip Tease

It's just been announced that as of Strip Magazine's relaunch on the newstand at the end of this month, I am taking over from PJ Holden as the regular artist on Black Ops Extreme. 

I'll be continuing to work with John Freeman, Rich Clements, Gary Caldwell and Jim Campbell, who have been fantastic to work with so far.

I'm currently working on the art for my third episode (some really cool scenes to draw), so above is a teaser page from #2.