Friday, 17 June 2011

A Jedi, a Superhero and a Judge walk into a bar: Commissions

Some recent commissions. These were custom drawn to be comic book interpretations of the clients.

I've started a Tumblr blog for rough and work-in-progress images, and you'll see the rough stages of these pieces over there at Downey Doodles.

Monday, 13 June 2011

2D Festival

Another fanastic year at the 2D Festival. Plenty of sketching, selling, drinking and even a little bit of dancing. I didn't brig my camera for fear of losing it, so all these photographs are lifted from the Facebook pages of Ciaran Flanaghan and Phil Friel.

 Sketching on the festival floor. Might be Hellboy for Ron.

 I think think was the busiest year of the 2D festival yet. 

More sketching. Looks like Venom.

 Tommie Kelley and I staring into Space.

 Being very professional and taking notes before the Sunnyside Comics presents: Piracy, Creator owned and digital comics.

 Slaughterman's Creed cover painter gets close and personal. No, we're not lovers and no it wasn't 'that big'.

Aimee and I enjoying drinks.

 Lily Daniels and Daniel Clifford flew over from England just for the dancing.

 And they took full advantage when they could.

Roll on 2D 2012.