Tuesday, 3 July 2012

League of Their Own

I've drawn one of the variant covers for League of Volunteers #3 from Atomic Diner. The majority of my recent comic work has come through publisher Rob Curley, and while Black Scorpion is set in the same universe (and officially a spin-off) it was nice to get a chance to work on the flagship pulp superhero team, albeit in this 1795 form. 

League of Volunteers #3 Variant cover

The variants for this issue feature different iterations of the League throughout history, so working off Rob's descriptions I was able to digitally paint the 'portrait'. The frame is patched together from photographs taken of a real frame in my mum's house.

The team sans frame.
The characters feature a mix of real and created characters; Mary Ann McCracken, The Patriot, Crimson Blade, James Napper Tandy [Centre] and Robert Emmet, so quite a bit of reference of the time and people had to be hunted for. 

I've also created a promotional image of the current League that Rob will be printing on Sub City Comics bags, T-shirts and posters. Both the League of Volunteers #3 and the League merchandise should be off to the printers soon!