Thursday, 21 July 2011

Black Scorpion

I little while back I mentioned I'd be working on a one-shot spin off of the extremely well reviewed 'League of Volunteers' (it's been called the 'Irish Hellboy'), written by Rob Curley. That comic is Black Scorpion and above is my cover (which 99% finished, with only a couple of tweaks to go).

The cover marks my first all digital, Cintiq drawn work for print, but I'll be back to real inks for the interiors. Rob and I discussed the process of creating comics and from that, Rob is writing the comic somewhere between full script and the old Marvel style, so it's going to really fun working out my panel to panel storytelling.

In other news, Jennifer Wilde #1 is at the printers, so  it shouldn't be long at all before it's available to buy. I'll also be at the MCM Expo in Manchester on Saturday 30th July, so if you're close by come and say hello.