Friday, 28 May 2010

Badmouthed at Bristol

So I was over at the Bristol comic expo this past weekend...

It was a lovely Sunny weekend, scotching hot, not a cloud in the sky and not an air conditioner in site.

I'm still exhausted, not having had a decent nights sleep in a week, so I'm going to have to write in bullet points:

  • Met up with frequent collaborators Cy and Nic as per usual, but also got to meet and talk to Vicky Stonebridge properly for the first time. With Andy Brown also making an appearance, it marked the first time the Slaughterman's Creed team were all together in the same room. 
  • Was given the brilliant Badmotuth bust by Simon Wyatt as a very generous present. Some people think that Cancertown's Morley was based on me, but you can see  below I actually used myself as a base for the badmouth: 

  • Flew in late-ish on the Friday, so only had time for a quick pint in the bar before retiring. I made up for it on Saturday night when I got very drunk with Aimee, my Torchwood editor Martin Eden, the Brown brothers and a few other comic creators. I ended up staying up while the staff tried to hoover around myself and Martin Conaghan's feet at 5am. I remember slurring out a conversation with Mark Buckingham about comic art, but for some reason can't remember a word of it. 
  • Picked up Com.X's 45, Valia Kapadai's Twisted Visions, the latest issue of Dogbreath (mostly due to the fantastic looking strip by Rich Clements, kev Levell and Vicky Stonebridge) and Martin Eden's Spandex. I've only read parts of each, but thoroughly enjoying each one so far!
Really Wish the event was longer than a weekend, so many people I only got to say a few words to that I'd like to have spent more time with. Roll on Derry and the 2D fesitval next weekend!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

I'm drawing a Torchwood comic..

As the title quite plainly states I've been asked to draw a Torchwood comic. Its an 11 page story that will be published within the Torchwood Magazine that's available not only in comic stores, but Easons, WHSmiths and all good newsagents nationwide! Quite excited about this one as I'm a fan of the show, not to mention it'll be my first real foray into licenced characters.

Unfortunately I can't mention anything about the story, other than the fact it involves Torchwood and aliens, or even show any art as everything needs to be approved by the BBC. The strip should be great fun to draw though, with great action sequences, set pieces and some nice character work.

It all came about after I went for a Titan portfolio review with Martin Eden, the Torchwood comics editor at BICS last October. If you're a creator and needed a reason to go to a comic con, apart from the great geek drink-a-thon, there's one right there. Martin will be at Bristol this year again launching issue two of Spandex, so you should stop by his table and check it out.

I'll be at the Bristol International Comics and Small Press Expo myself this weekend coming (ash cloud permitting), doing sketches, having a nosy, a drink and there's a Cancertown signing scheduled at the Mercure for 2:30pm of the Saturday and midday on Sunday.

Hopefully see a few of you there and more details on the Torchwood project as it develops...

Friday, 14 May 2010

Tales of the Drawing Board.

I've been doing a few illustrations for some of the Tales of the.. projects. I hope everyone's been checking out the multimedia art showcase for Northern Irish creators, and now that our first theme; "Tales of the Cthulhu Quarter" has just wrapped up, I thought I'd show some of the work in progress over here.

Just posted this week was a very funny and romantic serenade to Cthulhu. After I'd heard Andrew Croskery's draft of the song I thought it would be nice to include a faux single cover to go along with the finished recording by The Party Band (Reggie Chamberlain King and Malachy Costello)

Here's the visual thought process from doodle to finished piece:

Check out the song here here

A couple of weeks previously I illustrated a frame for a Lovecraftian themed verse by Craig Smith. I took a little shortcut on this one and just drew half the frame. It just took a few lines in the middle to join up the copied and flipped halves to make one symmetrical piece.

Check out the full size readable image here

On the site there's also a Cthulhu comic from a few weeks ago and another unrelated comic coming up this Sunday that I didn't really have much of a creative hand in, so if you have an interest in comics you should keep up with the site, or subscribe to the RSS feed. I'm hoping to do a strip for the site eventually myself...

Friday, 7 May 2010


I wrapped up the bulk of my work for Slaughterman's Creed last week. That's another book, another pile of pages, and another year down.

All together for the project I pencilled 110 pages, 46 of which I inked and coloured 44, as well as the usual redraws and recolours of course.

Bringing on Andy Brown as inker and Vicky Stonebridge as colourist from ch. 3 onwards has been a godsend, as I fear I'd still be halfway there without them, and of course the book looks all the better for having them on board. Nic Wilkinson is sending me a PDF of the lettered book so far tonight and I cant wait to see what she's done with it. Cy Dethan is hoping to print out a copy to preview around at Bristol, so if anyone is heading over, you should be able to check out a good chunk of the book in progress.

I've still a couple of covers to do for the series, but the story is completely told and for the most part my job is done. Should have more details on a release schedule after Bristol, so keep your eyes on the blog.

Here's a little sketch of the slaughterman himself, I doodled post completion of the project.