Thursday, 23 February 2012

Getting out of the house...

Quick update on some upcoming events:

Friday 24th Feb (that's tomorrow). I'll be co-presenting a comicbook creating workshop for ADF alongside my Absence collaborator Andy Luke. It is open to anyone, free of charge. All ages, levels of ability welcome. 11-3pm ADF Belfast; 109-113 Royal Av, Belfast, BT1 1AF.

The following day I'm off to the London Super Comic Convention. I'll be at selling books and custom sketches during the weekend. Keep an eye on the Markosia schedule as Cy Dethan and I will be signing copies of Slaughterman's Creed and Cancertown at their table at points during the weekend.

On the drawing front, Jennifer Wilde #2 is finished, Black Scorpion #1 is over half way and I'm starting a new project this week that I should be able to talk about soon.

The Outsider Games work I've been doing is coming along nicely, but that deserves a post of its own sometime soon.

I think I have my idea for Creator Owned Day. A concept stemming from on mistyped word. Don't all the best ideas come from errors..

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Creator Owned Day - March 1st

Creator Owned Day is 1st March 2012.

The challenge:

Create a sketch of an original character or concept and and post it on your blog Thurday 1st March. It should be a concept completely owned by the artist (or co-owned with the writer/collaborators permission to post).

Why? A number of reasons: 

1. A lot of reader and creator focus is on characters owned by larger corporations. Let's bring a little spotlight on creating brand new, creator owned concepts.
2. Bringing a little awareness to the business side of co-creating original content. Take a look at Jeff Parker's article and follow up comments on the subject. Co-creators can take this opportunity as a little trial run, just make sure to have a mutual agreement in advance.
3. Fun! A few creators discussed the idea on Twitter and thought it was a great opportunity to create something entirely new, while bringing attention to these sketches.

The details:

1. Create an sketch of a new character/character you own. We're doing this primarily to get our imaginations running, so a concept specifically created for Creator Owned Day is probably ideal. It should NOT be a character owned by either a company eg. Marvel's Wolverine, OR owned by other creators e.g. Todd McFarlane's Spawn. It also shouldn't take distinct features from characters owned by others e.g. Wolverspawn You must own the character.
2. Post it on your blog, or Facebook, Twitter etc.
3. Share your post using the Twitter hashtag #CreatorOwnedDay.
3. Help us spread the word by retweeting your favourite new characters. 
Sound like fun? Let's do it!