Stephen Downey is an comicbook and game artist. 

He has worked with Lionsgate, Electronic Arts/Firebrand, Atomic Diner, Print Media, Titan publishing, AA/Markosia and more to bring his comics and artwork to the masses.

He is the co-creator and artist of graphic novels Cancertown and Slaughterman's Creed, both with Cy Dethan, and has worked on the Torchwood comic strip for Titan magazines. His recent comicbook Jennifer Wilde, with Rob Curley and Maura McHugh, was nominated for an Eagle Award in 2012.

He is a founder and lead artist of Outsider Games and with Scott Grandison, they have designed and published several mobile apps, including the official Magic Mike: The Moves game, based on the Channing Tatum movie.

Stephen draws all day long and loves every minute.

You can email him: stephen [at] stephendowneygallery [dot] com or pay a visit to www.stephendowneygallery.com


Comic work:

Flash Gordon Holiday Special (Dynamite Entertainment). 14 pages pencils/inks
Turok Dinosaur Hunter (Dynamite Entertainment). #9, #10, 18 pages, pencil/inks
Torchwood #5 (Titan). Cover, 11 interior pages plus cover pencil/inks.
Noe: The Savage Boy (Atomic Diner). 3 issue miniseries. Covers, interior greyscale art and lettering
Jennifer Wilde: The Wilde Hunt (Atomic Diner). One-shot. Cover, 24 pagesinterior greyscale art and lettering.
Jennifer Wilde (Atomic Diner). 3 issue miniseries. Covers, interior greyscale art and lettering. 
Black Ops Extreme (Strip Magazine). Regular penciller, 6 pages monthly, Pencils/inks.
Black Scorpion (Atomic Diner). One Shot. Cover, Full interior greyscale art and lettering.
Slaughterman's Creed (Markosia). 110page original graphic novel. 44 pages Pencils/inks/colours plus 66 pages pencils. Cover Collaboration.
Absence (UnLtd). 20 page comic. Full greyscale art and Lettering + Cover.
Cancertown: An Inconvenient Tooth (Insomnia Publications/Markosia). Original Graphic Novel: Pencils and Inks 150 pages.
Survival Stories Anthology (Sleepless Phoenix). 4 pages pencils.
Ri Ra #1(Comic a Gael). Plot, full coloured artwork 2 pages.
Ri Ra #2 (Comic a Gael). Plot, full colour artwork 3 pages.
Ri Ra #3 (Comic a Gael). Plot, full colour artwork 3 pages.
2012: A final Prayer Anthology (Heske Horror) 8 pages full greyscale artwork.
Small Axe comics Anthology #2 (Small Axe) 4 pages pencils. 
Small Axe comics Anthology #3 (Small Axe) 1 page, writing, full colour artwork.


Need for Speed: The Run (Electronic Arts/Firebrand). Nintendo DS. 2D cutscene artwork.
Where in the World is Carmen San Diego (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt). Nintendo Wii. 2D artwork.
UFOStomp (BBC/Outsider Games). All 2D artwork/3D modelling
Shaking Safari (Outsider Games). All artwork
Magic Mike: The Moves (Lionsgate/Outsider Games). All artwork. 
Break The Bully (Outsider Games). All Artwork