Stephen Downey is an Belfast based Storyboard, Comicbook and Game artist. 

He has worked with Lionsgate, Microsoft/343, Electronic Arts/Firebrand, Dynamite Entertainment, Atomic Diner, Titan publishing, AA/Markosia and more to bring his artwork to the masses.

He is the co-creator and artist of graphic novels Cancertown and Slaughterman's Creed, and has worked on properties such as Halo, How to Train Your Dragon & Torchwood. He was artist on the 2012 Eagle Award nominated comic book, Jennifer Wilde.

He is a founder of Outsider Games, and art directed their TIGA visual design award finalist video game, Wailing Heights. 

You can email him: stephen [at] stephendowneygallery [dot] com or pay a visit to www.stephendowneygallery.com



Krypton (DC/Warner/SYFY)
Halo: Nightfall (Microsoft/Scott Free/343 Industries)
Can't Touch This (Stellify)
Unannounced Project (23Ten)
TV advertisement (Genesis)

Comic work:

Flash Gordon Holiday Special (Dynamite Entertainment). 14 pages pencils/inks
Turok Dinosaur Hunter (Dynamite Entertainment). #9, #10, 18 pages, pencil/inks
Torchwood #5 (Titan). Cover, 11 interior pages plus cover pencil/inks.
Noe: The Savage Boy (Atomic Diner). 3 issue miniseries. Covers, interior greyscale art and lettering
Jennifer Wilde: The Wilde Hunt (Atomic Diner). One-shot. Cover, 24 pagesinterior greyscale art and lettering.
Jennifer Wilde (Atomic Diner). 3 issue miniseries. Covers, interior greyscale art and lettering. 
Black Ops Extreme (Strip Magazine). Regular penciller, 6 pages monthly, Pencils/inks.
Black Scorpion (Atomic Diner). One Shot. Cover, Full interior greyscale art and lettering.
Slaughterman's Creed (Markosia). 110page original graphic novel. 44 pages Pencils/inks/colours plus 66 pages pencils. Cover Collaboration.
Absence (UnLtd). 20 page comic. Full greyscale art and Lettering + Cover.
Cancertown: An Inconvenient Tooth (Insomnia Publications/Markosia). Original Graphic Novel: Pencils and Inks 150 pages.
Survival Stories Anthology (Sleepless Phoenix). 4 pages pencils.
Ri Ra #1(Comic a Gael). Plot, full coloured artwork 2 pages.
Ri Ra #2 (Comic a Gael). Plot, full colour artwork 3 pages.
Ri Ra #3 (Comic a Gael). Plot, full colour artwork 3 pages.
2012: A final Prayer Anthology (Heske Horror) 8 pages full greyscale artwork.
Small Axe comics Anthology #2 (Small Axe) 4 pages pencils. 
Small Axe comics Anthology #3 (Small Axe) 1 page, writing, full colour artwork.


Wailing Heights (Outsider Games). Art director. Artwork.
Need for Speed: The Run (Electronic Arts/Firebrand). Nintendo DS. 2D cutscene artwork.
Where in the World is Carmen San Diego (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt). Nintendo Wii. 2D artwork.
UFOStomp (BBC/Outsider Games). All 2D artwork/3D modelling
Shaking Safari (Outsider Games). All artwork
Magic Mike: The Moves (Lionsgate/Outsider Games). All artwork. 
Break The Bully (Outsider Games). All Artwork