Thursday, 14 June 2012

May Cons

Four comic conventions, four weekends in a row. May was a very busy month, and I'm still recovering now. I'm posting a little summary of each event below, both for posterity's sake, and so I can look back to choose which cons to attend next year.

Cyclops, Wolverine v Deadpool Sketches.

Bristol Comic Expo

Reasons for going: Launch of Andrew Croskery's first GN Kronos City, chance to catch up with UK small press scene, Transmedia panel.
Highlights: Picking up Kronos City and White Knuckle (by Cy Dethan and Valia Kapadia); two fantastic books. One filled with crazy ideas and the other with just as crazy characters. Chatting with my collaborators Cy Dethan, Nic Wilkinson, Rich Clements, Vicky Stonebridge and catching up with a lot of my con buddies such as Daniel Clifford, Lee Robinson and Graeme Pearce. Transmedia panel with Scott Grandison, Cody Brotherson and Barry Nugent.
Business End: I flew into Bristol on Saturday morning and went straight to the Kronos City panel followed by our Transmedia talk, so didn't get to the main hall until about 2pm on Saturday and apparently missed the busiest period. I shared a table with Owen Watts but still ended up losing money over the weekend.
Total profit*: -£100

Hulk Sketch

Kapow Comic Con

Reasons for going: Money maker
Highlights: Queue for sketches the whole weekend, sharing a table with the hilarious Dave Stokes.
Business End: I was able to stay with Andrew Croskery over the weekend which  reduced the costs a good bit. Sold a few comics, but most of the income came from with a long list of superhero sketch commissions.
Total profit*: £400

My new banner at Kapow!. Oh... and Dave Stokes too.

Cyclops Sketch

Booster Gold Sketch

MCM Expo

Reasons for going: Jennifer Wilde nominated for an Eagle Award
Highlights: Sharing a table and hanging out with Rob Curley and Maura McHugh, the response to Black Scorpion and our comics in general was fantastic. Free drinks at Eagle awards and after party.
Business end: Since Rob was selling the Atomic Diner books, I was relying on sketches for income over the weekend (and brought out a few of my Markosia GNs on Sunday). Atomic Diner comics sold pretty well but sketch requests were a little slower and are a different breed at MCMs, mostly portraits of people as superheroes. I just managed to break even.
Profit*: £0

Deadpool Sketch

Captain Britain Sketch

2D Festival

Reasons for going: Invited as guest, catch up with the Irish comic scene.
Highlights: This was my favourite of the cons, always great craic and a really relaxed festival. Hanging out with Steve and Jac Mooney, Declan Shalvey and Chris Ryall at dinner and convention. Drinking a lot of free drinks on Friday night with Tommie Kelley, Hillary lawler, Deirdre O'Bara and Gar Shanley.
Business End: I was competing with the Atomic Diner table for comic sales, and at the festival you are expected to sketch for free. As a festival guest though, all my (and Aimee's) expenses were paid for, so any money made was profit.
Profit: £100

Daredevil Sketch

I still have Q-con to attend next weekend, but thankfully that'll be the end of the conventions for a while. The heavy schedule really did effect my work output, but I made a convention profit of around £400 total and the long term connections should help. I have a little con fatigue at the minute, but New York Comic Con is at the back of my mind...

*Total profit takes into account Flights, hotels and table cost, but not alcohol or food.