Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Spotter - Creator Owned Day 2013

One that looks for, locates, and reports something, as:   a. A military or civil defense lookout.
   b. Informal A person hired to detect dishonest acts by employees, as in a bank.

                                        SpotterThe American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition  
East Iasia 2025 

Deep in hostile territory, the two man sniper team had simple orders - locate the hostages, execute the kidnappers and call in the extraction team. The Spotter's calculations were precise, his targeting and location mapping were perfect, but when his Intelli-Sniper partner starting shooting the hostages, the Spotter's role turned from protecting his partner to eliminating him.

With the secure extraction line destroyed in the fight, and his traitor partner escaped into the night, the Spotter completed a manual extraction of the remaining hostages. With no weaponry, and equipped with only his Vision Tech, InterMapping tools and CalcU training, the Spotter must lead the hostages out of the vast continent of East Iasia and to safe embassy to complete his mission.

Little does he know, the people who gave the orders don't want him to succeed...