Thursday, 12 February 2009

How not to time waste: A personal approach

So as I was saying in my last post; one of my main aims while creating Cancertown was to produce steady work. Here's just a few things I've been learning:

Things that DO help me produce regular work:

Good work space, complete with slanted drawing board to prevent back ache. Makes it comfortable to draw for long periods.

Tools at the ready: Pencils, board, brushes, ink, digital camera and computer (with script).

Music/podcasts: To keep my brain awake at 4 A.M. Without it my mind tries to settle into hibernation.

Drawing promises : "I will not do anything but draw for the next hour and a half"

Little breaks: A little 'me time' after completing promised drawing session.

Keeping drawing promises: Its no good if its all talk, got to keep keep focused.

Internet connection at drawing table: Really good for handy reference photos. Eg. Charing Cross Station

No Internet connection at Drawing table: forced stoppage of extreme time wasting.


Things that DO NOT help me produce regular work:

Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Comicbookresources, Newsarama, Hotmail, Itunes

Not having recharged batteries for camera (grr!) and losing lead.

Redrawing and redrawing and redrawing: sometimes you just have to let it go (and you can always photoshop it later)

Ink spillages (especially when it forces you to redraw)

A4 scanner for A3 artwork*

Girlfriend telling me to turn off music at 4 A.M.

Real job: Who needs money? (me)

Too much coffee (laxitive effect :-S)

Todays been a good day. Real job (music tutoring) is off for midterm break. I've kept my drawing promises. Twitered and blogged on short breaks. Now back to another hour and half of constant drawing (after a quick loo break... stupid coffee!)

*Situation has been rectified


  1. Hi Stephen

    The tips are obviosuly working.

    And everything comes back from you perfect for lettering!

    Looking forward to working on Salughterman's Creed with you as well.


  2. Thanks Nic. I try my best lol.

    Not long now 'til its all on show!

    Finishing of pg21 today :)