Saturday, 7 March 2009


Here's that piece I was talking about.

Cy Dethan's written a pretty gory and disturbing script for this project (and I mean that in the best possible way) so I've tried to match that in this little concept piece.

I'm stepping up and handling full art chores on Slaughterman's Creed and I had fun creating some 'blood splatter' and 'chain link' brushes in photoshop.

Its my first time doing full colours on a project this size so here's hoping I won't have a nervous breakdown somewhere in the middle. Hopefully you won't really notice, but I've gone straight from pencil for the image above and darkened it in photoshop (apart from the hooks which I drew with the 'pen' tool in photoshop). I tend to draw pretty tightly, so hopefully skipping the inks will make up some of the colouring time. I'll give it a few pages and see how it works out, if I don't like it I'll be whipping out the brushes :)


  1. As I mentioned in the comments over on my blog, what makes this perfect for me is the way it brings to mind the covers to the old "video nasties" of the 80s.

    For people Stephen's age or younger, video nasties were what we had before torture porn watered the whole horror genre down to a dull grey.

    Beautiful work, mate.

  2. That's looking very good indeed.

    I look forward to getting my eyes on Cancertown, by the way.

  3. Is that Reggie Chamberlain King commenting on my blog!

    Don't worry we'll be doing a launch for Cancertown in Belast soon enough. You'll be able to buy a copy for yourself and one for each of your friends :P

  4. I meant to comment much earlier. It is interesting stuff.

    I do look forward to buying three whole copies of Cancertown at your event.

    I also believe that you will be playing at the mother's wedding.