Thursday, 17 September 2009

Little preview image from a short project I'm hoping to get finished today. Still a good bit to do, so it'll be a quick blog...
Got home late last night from recording a podcast with the guys at Sunnyside comics, so missed my Wednesday blog again! Myself and Andrew Croskery managed to squeeze in a few words about Insomnia, Cancertown, Kronos city and the Belfast comics meetup before losing the Superpower or subpower comics quiz.
Very enjoyable time with PJ, Ron and Scott. There's a few photos up on their site now and hopefully the podcast will be up on Sunday night and I'll stick up a link to it.
In other comic related news, Bob heske is showing off the really spooky front cover for the upcoming 2012: Final Prayer anthology for which I've drawn an 8 page story (you can see the front cover by Preston Asevedo below). If you look here, you'll also find a full list of contributers, including details of the foreword, foreboding and afterword by a few 2012 research experts.

The book also features artwork from Cancertown colourist Mel Cook, who is providing the whole art this time for a story called "2012: APOCALYPSE IN FIVE PARTS", and will sport a variant cover by Cancertown cover artist Paul Cartwright.

Speaking of Cancertown collaborators, Cy Dethan is showing off some new pages of my Slaughterman's Creed artwork on his blog as well as some art from his other projects; The Indifference Engine and The case files of Harlan Faulk.

I knew it was a matter of time before we took over the comicbook world :D

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  1. "I knew it was a matter of time before we took over the comicbook world :D"

    ... and how!