Thursday, 19 November 2009

Horsemen of the Apocalypse riding into town...

Been drawing a couple of horses for a couple of different projects this week. Above was my first ever attempt at sketching one out, and I think it's recognisable, which is what counts.

Apparently the comicbook reading firmware update for the PSP is now available according to the Playstation comics official twitter page. Although I believe the digital comics won't be available until December, they've just launched a new website with some trailers and info. We've also been sent some screenshots of how Insomnia books will look on the device.

You can see more screenshots from Cages and Burke & Hare over at Insomnia's Red Eye Blog.
..and finally, "2012: A final prayer' Anthology (in which I've drawn an eight page story by Bob Heske) is available to buy via Amazon, Zaldiva and as a digital download via Drive Thru Comics. The book has been getting glowing reviews from sites such as Bookgasm (where you can also win a copy by entering their competition... but only if you're from America or Canada). What I've seen of the final collection looks fantastic so pick one up.

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