Wednesday, 4 November 2009

I usually dont do these 'warm up' sketches that so many artists talk about, but I was feeling it hard to wake up this morning after not getting back from a gig until about 2 pm and getting woken at 7 am this morning. I thought I'd have another go at the Faber-Castell shades of grey pens with a little straight-on Dredd head shot:

The brushes were a little softer this time, after their initial use, and it was easier to get a broader stroke. I think a water colour-like technique is better with these brush pens; starting with a layer of lighter colour and building up with darker shades (after first inking the pure blacks with the Kuretake brush pen and bigger brush/ink pot.). The white highlights are just the white of the paper that I left black while drawing.

Still a bit of practice needed (both for shades of grey and drawing Dredd) but I like the texture thats starting to come from these pens.


  1. Lovely, stephen! you're art's really coming on! Ilove all the texture..

    I've been playing with greyscale a lot to!

  2. Thanks very much Declan, Rufus.

    I think grayscale may be the way forward :D