Wednesday, 30 December 2009

I'm gonna be on the Tee-Vee..

The battle you've all been waiting for, live on TV.. The League of Just Us vs The Eggheads!!

The league of Just Us roll call (left to right):
PJ Holden (Comicbook artist; 2000AD, Battlefields)
Paddy Brown (Web comic artist/writer and self publisher; Cattle raid of Cooley )
Reggie Chamberlain King (Writer; upcoming Layer Zero: Exile)
Aidan Largey acting as the backup (Writer; Layer Zero: Choices)
Aimee Durkin (Comicbook model; Cancertown, Slaughterman's Creed)
Stephen Downey (me)

As I've probably mentioned before, a bunch of comicbook creators meet up monthly at the Garrick Bar in Belfast to share portfolios, ideas and generally talk geek. Well 6 of us are heading to Glasgow in January to record an episode of the Eggheads, trying to see if our combined geek knowledge can outsmart the resident quiz team.

A few weeks ago I got a phone call via Mal Coney, the manager at Forbidden Planet Belfast (he's a friend and comicbook creator in his own right having written the Darkness and created the Magdelena for Top Cow, amongst a host of other projects). He'd gotten a call from the producers of the eggheads looking for teams for the Belfast auditions, and although Mal couldn't make it himself he passed them on to me. I quickly gathered six comicbook creators (who will herefore be know as The League of Just Us) and two days later we went to the audition for a laugh in the BBC building in town. Long story short, they liked our audition and flying us over to Glasgow for a day and night in a couple of weeks time to appear on the show.

I've no idea when the show will air, but it should be a good laugh and I'm sure I'll blog about the happenings when its all over.

Hope you all had a good Christmas by the way.


  1. If you or PJ brought some caricatures of the Eggheads to present them with on camera, you'd be on every quiz show clip show from now until doomsday.

  2. We've talked about this -- Apparently someone else has already done it, on the other hand I suggested a comic page with Jeremy Vine as Dredd and the eggheads and us as opposing bands of mutants.

    Obv - that depends on how much time we have on our hands... (In fact, a cover may be a smarter idea...)


  3. Yeah a fake eggheads cover would be pretty cool actually.

    Of course we'd only have less than a week to produce it but but its possible...