Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Well last year I had the bright idea of trying to pencil, ink and colour all 5 chapters of Slaughterman's Creed. It was a great learning experience and while I found the colouring often very frustrating as I learnt how to do it, I'm quite happy with how a lot of it turned out.
Lately I've come to enjoy being able to refine faces and features without having to draw in the black ink lines that can often feel restrictive, and colouring my own work allowed me to tailor the line work to allow for this.

That said, I have two chapters of the book completely coloured, but from the third (of five) I'm going to reduce my art chores to just pencilling. The current process was just too time consuming and if we want Slaughterman's Creed out this year something had to give. There is a natural story transition before chapter 3 that will hopefully be complimented by a change in colour artist, so hopefully any stylistic change will enhance the reading experience and not detract from it.

It will certainly be exciting and interesting to see how another colourist interprets my work again...


  1. Oh yeah...i know ur pain! Gr8 to knw u can do all the jobs and learn lots as u go, but man does it take an age! Nice work tho and hats off to knowin when u gotta draw the line (heh heh)...

  2. Oh Hilbo, your puns are so painful :P