Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Imagining things

The Belfast comics creators made an appearance in last month's issue of ImagineFX. One of the editors asked me to take a few photos and scans at our regular monthly drink 'n' draw/comic creators meetup.

Featured in the photos are Paddy Brown, Andy Luke, Ann Harrison, Andrew Croskery and myself (in the Batman T-shirt that I stole from my brother).

You can see my sketches of the Hulk and Wolverine on the night, as well as Mal Coney's Deadpool and Paddy's Judge Dredd.

I'm going to upload a few more sketches and photos from that night to the Belfast comics blog of and by the various creators. You'll also find links to their individual sites there as well.

But here's a closer look at my Hulk in the meantime:

Thanks to Ciaran Lucas for the article scan.

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