Tuesday, 17 August 2010

First Torchwood page.

My Torchwood strip will be in newsagents and comic shops this Thursday (19th August) inside the new edition of the Torchwood Magazine (#23). The story is told at two different timeframes during the same night. The inked and wider panels are the 'modern' sections, while the borderless panels; left in pencil with added photoshop greys, are the 'earlier that night' scenes. 

Page one above with pencils, inks ands greys by myself, then below with added colour by Phil Elliot.

The strip will also be reprinted early next year in the US version of the Torchwood comic, so if you don't get a copy on Thursday you'll get another chance then. 


  1. These do look lovely Stephen. Goddamn Torchwood.

  2. Feckin ace work - keep it comin!! : )

  3. very well drawn son, ill strip the shelves of the comic, an resell them at 25% higher.lol dad