Sunday, 31 January 2010


Late blog this week as it's been a busy one. Between my Mum's birthday, Aimee's Mum's birthday, and going away for a midweek break for Aimee's Birthday (which is technically this coming Tuesday, but we went away early as she's back to class tomorrow) I've hardly had time for drawing.

It was nice to catch up on some reading though and (finally) finished Good Omens, caught up on Vol 10. of The Walking Dead, and read Fort: Prophet of the Unexplained! as well as this the last few weeks comics while sitting by the fire at the KillyHevlin hotel drinking some Irish Coffees.

Here's an unused sketch of Mr. Green from the upcoming Slaughterman's Creed. I was looking for a different style that would indicate Green wasn't quite there (this would have been made semi-transparent and layered over the background panel in Photoshop) but this version ended up looking far too muddled on the page, and the colours, as Cy rightly pointed out, made Green look Jamaican. This was done with some Winsor & Newton coloured Inks that I'd just bought for a separate commission and wanted to try out.

I really liked working with the inks on this and the commission, so I'll be finding something else to do with them. Don't think a full comic project would be feasible though as they take quite a lot of work.

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