Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Back from Glasgow this morning after my second consecutive 5:30am wakeup. Feeling a bit groggy but fine fun was had by the League of Just Us while battling the Eggheads.

Five comic book creators. Stephen (otherwise known as Reggie), Paddy, Aidan, me and PJ.

Four comicbok creators and a girl (Aimee, and ok, she's a comicbook model).

A few of us wearing some dodgy shirts. Bright colours were compulsory and I had to go shopping..

The League of Just Us and the Eggheads.

The show won't air until Summer some time and you'll have to wait until then to find out whether we won. I can say that the staff at BBC Scotland were very nice, as were the Eggheads themselves. We also had a special gift for Jeremy Vine, the presenter, which I'll post after it makes its TV debut. 

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